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The rules-based, on-premise solution to automate PDF parsing and data extraction. Empowering users to unlock the full potential of their PDF data, pdf2Data streamlines your IDP workflow and boosts your productivity. With an intuitive UI for creating and managing extraction rules, pdf2Data makes it easy to achieve faster, more accurate data extraction

pdf2Data Parsing engine

The pdf2Data Parsing Engine is a library that allows you to automate PDF data filtration and extraction based on predefined templates. Integration of pdf2Data within an organization's application is available through several options; either with the native pdf2Data SDK for Java or .NET applications, or the pdf2Data RESTful engine, which can be used with applications written in any language.

pdf2Data Editor

pdf2Data provides a browser-based application that simplifies the setup of parsing workflows through user-friendly configuration of extraction templates. The application also streamlines workflows and enhances collaboration by providing a centralized location for all templates, powerful access control, and versioning features. With pdf2Data’s intuitive UI, users can save time, reduce errors, and maintain control over their extraction templates.